How to Build a Good Resume: The Basic Principles

Stacy March 18, 2020 How To

There are a bunch of tips and rules in writing a resume that you can find on the internet. You might be overwhelmed by the long list of rules you should follow to end up in a good resume and this is why you can’t end up with the right […]

How to Sign a Cover Letter: Rules in Signing

Stacy March 18, 2020 How To

Signing a cover letter might seem very easy because all you need to is just sign it and done. However, different types of the cover letter need different rules of signing. Using the right rule of signing will make your cover letter look more professional. Don’t underestimate this simple part […]

Add Accomplishments on Resume, Is it Important?

Stacy March 18, 2020 How To

Being humble in a resume is one of the rules; those are at least what most sources said. While it might be true that you should stay humble and avoid being too confident about yourself, it doesn’t mean that you should hide your best accomplishments. Showing off your accomplishments is […]

How to Write a Cover Letter without Contact

Stacy March 18, 2020 How To

Addressing your cover letter to someone out there is very important because you want your cover letter to be read by the right pair of eyes, not just whoever receives it. This is why making a good salutation by addressing the name of the person you want to read the […]

How to Type a Cover Letter in Best Format

Stacy March 17, 2020 How To

Writing a cover letter with the right format will make you look professional. The format of a cover letter is the first thing a hiring manager pays to attention when scanning the letter. Without a proper format, your cover letter will look terrible and uninteresting to read. So before knowing […]

Tips to Design a Hiring Proposal Template

Stacy March 15, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Requesting new professional staff for improving the success of a company sometimes needs to be done properly in convincing the top management that hiring new staff is important. It takes a long process to do that but using a well-written proposal, you can get permission for hiring new employees without […]

How to Write an IT Proposal Template Word

Stacy March 15, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Getting new clients for your IT business can be done by writing a proposal. However, it is never easy to send a proposal because there are just so many things to put and consider. Writing an IT proposal is the same as writing other business proposals because the main purpose […]

How to Write a Venture Capital Proposal Template

Stacy March 14, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Financial help is always needed in the growing business, whether it’s an old or a new one. You can find such help from venture capital because they have more offerings you can enjoy as long as there is a long-term benefit. Your business can also get such long-term benefits since […]