Example of a Winning Business Proposal Template

Stacy March 13, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Writing a business proposal is the same as trying to sell yourself. It’s almost the same as trying to find a job because you are making an effort to grab the attention of your client in using your service and buying your products, which is in other words, making your […]

How to Write an Acquisition Proposal Template

Stacy March 12, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Writing an acquisition proposal is not easy since this proposal should be understood by the other members involved in the meeting, which means everything in the proposal should be clear. Here are some simple steps in finishing your acquisition proposal. Continue reading “How to Write an Acquisition Proposal Template”…

How to Write an Audit Proposal Template

Stacy March 10, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Proposing an audit proposal should be carefully done by revealing the included information provided in the audit and what result the company would get from the auditing process. As long as the auditing process is aligned with the goals of the company, the chance for the proposal to be accepted […]

How to Write a Plumbing Proposal Template

Stacy March 9, 2020 How To, Proposal Template

Offering plumbing services by sending a proposal should be done properly under a careful process and preparation. You need to learn some things before start writing to help you grab the clients’ attention. The most challenging part of this project is that the clients might receive other proposals offering the […]

How to Make a College Resume for Several Purposes

Stacy February 27, 2020 How To

A college resume is unlike the regular resume for a specific position. It is more general because it can be used for different purposes. However, this resume should be also well written using the same basic principles as the job applicant resume: phrases, simplicity, and bullet points. Since there are […]

Writing a Killer Flight Attendant Cover Letter

Stacy February 24, 2020 How To

A flight attendant is one of the best jobs for those who are good at customer servicing. This can be your great skill to highlight if you want to apply for a flight attendant position. Although some experiences in airlines sometimes also required, your customer servicing skill is a great […]

How to Write an Excellent Cover Letter

Stacy February 14, 2020 Cover Letters, How To

A cover letter is supposed to be excellent because its main function is to grab the manager’s attention. To grabbing the attention, your cover letter should be worth reading and interesting. Not only should it be great in the content, but also the format as well. Don’t write your cover […]

How to Define Cover Letter

Stacy February 1, 2020 Cover Letters, How To

A cover letter is an important addition to your resume application because it can give you more chances to be hired in your future company. Writing a cover letter before sending your resume can help you encourage the manager about hiring you. It can be used as a tool to […]

How to write an Investor Proposal Template

Stacy February 11, 2019 How To, Proposal Template

How to write an Investor Proposal Template – Asking an investment for your business or project is challenging as you need to convince the investor that you are an excellent solution for certain problems for certain groups. So how you can make a winning proposal to encourage the investor in […]