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If you are running a non-profit organization, having a fundraising plan is very important. No matter how good the cash flow in your program is, without a proper plan, you might be in a serious problem if you are running out of money. This would be even worse if you don’t have places that can provide instant cash. So plan your fundraising and propose.

1. Plan Preparation. A non-profit organization that doesn’t have a fundraising plan is hard to run smoothly. So, if you still don’t have such a plan, write it right now. Development staff should be the ones who make the plan and this should be made as a one-year-plan. If you want the plan to be used longer, you can even make from 2 up to 5 years, but you still have to check it annually just to make some changes if necessary. The plan should be also consulted with the Executive Director of your organization. The director could be also the person who writes the plan if there is no development staff in the organization. A better solution is actually to find some help from those who can write a good fundraising plan, for example, you can find a development consultant to help you make the plan.

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2. Setting the Goal. If you are making a one-year plan, then you should set the goal for a year. When the goals are set, you can find out how much money needed to cover all of the activities. Make sure that the amount of money should be suitable with the need of the organization to make it logical and acceptable by the proposal readers.

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3. Organization Mission. It is almost the same as setting the goal, but this is more about how the money would be used to reach the goals. When you get funded, you need to spend the money wisely fully for achieving the goals of your organization and that you can also adjust the required budget to suit it with the mission of the organization.

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4. Finding out Methods. Since you have set the goals and missions of the budget, and you have even planned how it would be used, you should now find out how the required budget can be achieved. Every year, there should be tactics that you will use in getting some funds. You can break down the total amount of budget needed by requesting half of them from one donor and the other half from the other donor. There are many good tactics to try to help you get the required full amount through your well-written proposal.

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5. Start the Proposal. After making the plan, you need to think about writing the proposal since you should keep the organization running with cash. Your fundraiser proposal should be well written to successfully get your required budget. Understanding the purpose of the proposal is the most important thing to do before writing the proposal. You can write a proposal using a template to make it easier to complete.

6. Make the Cover Page. Creating a cover page seems easy, but it can be challenging if you don’t know how to make the cover interesting. This should include the organization name and the date the proposal made. List all the persons who have worked for the proposal and add a table of contents. Providing a table of contents would make the readers easily find the part they are looking for.

7. Make a Summary. The summary should be written last, but it is placed at the beginning of your proposal. This is because the summary covers only the most important aspect, which means writing it last, would make the information covered more effectively. State the goals of the project in the summary and make an introduction that covers the organization’s background such as what it is doing and what it needs.

Don’t forget to set the timeline of your proposal to let the readers know when your project would behold. You can make it more detailed by providing the goals in a list. It depends on the proposal readers. If they like simplicity, you can just make the timeline simpler. Find more information from some proposal samples to check what sections should be included in the proposal.

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