Making a Good Resume: Things You Need to Exclude

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Making a good resume will increase your opportunities to be work in your dream company. However, people tend to make their resumed in the most common ways like the others do. They don’t make their resume more interesting or more genuine because there are standard formats that they follow. To make your resume more than just proper, you need to include some important things.

Since you are writing a resume, you will usually focus only on the words, not the number. Some people don’t even use number in their resume. You need to include numbers when it comes to state your achievements. The number will make you more highlighted rather than just stating what you have achieved in your past jobs without presenting the certain amount. If your achievements have something to do with number such as people, audience, budget, viewers or other things that can include number, then write the numbers along with the words.

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A resume usually includes your interest and you might include it in your last paragraph as consideration. However, what most people write about their interests is usually only about those related with the jobs. It is very rare to state uncommon interests that are more personal. Although what you said might not be related with the job, just include some of your unique interests. This is a good chance you should take because the reader of your resume might have the same interests as you. This will emotionally create a relation and you can get a chance for an interview because of this uncommon reason.

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Still talking about numbers, you need to show numbers when you are stating your winning in competitions. You need to state how you can win in a certain competition with certain amount of competitors. This will give a different impression rather than just stating that you are winning a competition. The number of competitors you include will make you standout because the reader can be impressed by how you can defeat such big numbers of competitors.

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How to Create a Resume on Word Easily

Using word or Microsoft Word to make a resume has been a very common way whether you plan to send it as a letter or email. This might seem easy for you because you are very familiar with word, but making a resume is a different case. There are some rules you have to follow if you want to end up with a good, professional resume that will make you standout among the other candidates. So your resume shouldn’t be only about a good content, but also a good format.

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How to Make a Resume on Word Using the Right Format

After opening your word with a blank document, you need to set the margin first by selecting the Narrow option. This layout will provide more space on one page so that you don’t have to end up making a resume more than two pages. You can write many things about your qualifications simply using the single page.

The first thing to type on the page should be your contact information including your name, telephone number, email address and physical address. The header shouldn’t be your personal information. This part belongs in the body because this format is the approved version from almost all screening machines. If you use a different format, your letter might not be approved and it results with your letter will not be even read by the hiring manager.

How to Put the Sections

To create the sections in the page, you need to use the Page Setup menu and select Breaks. There are some options of sections to choose from, but the Continuous Break seems to be the most appropriate one. It allows you to put some different sections in one page. You can put your qualifications based on the sections to make the hiring manager easier in reading it.

You can have different formats for the sections to suit the needs of your job. The most common format is to start every section with a short, simple paragraph as the introduction and then followed with the content of each section; it can be your experiences, educations or achievements. The chosen font used in your resume should be consistent, one font style for the whole document. The font should be clear and simple for easy reading. Not only in the same font type, but is also should be in the same size except for your name at the contact information where you type your name because it should have a larger font size than the rest.

How to Make a Good Resume: Things That Make Your Resume Standout

What makes you difficult to finish a good resume is because you don’t understand about the main purpose of writing it. A resume is more than just a document filled with your experiences and qualifications as a candidate, but this is also a marketing document where you will promote your skills. The purpose of writing a resume is to make the hiring manager interested in hiring you. If you fail in achieving the goal, maybe your resume is not good enough. To prevent such failure happen, make sure to include these important things for a standout resume.

  1. Grab Attention Quickly. Don’t wait until the second or third paragraph to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Do this quickly from the first lines. If you wait for the second paragraph, the hiring manager might feel bored after reading the first lines and stop reading it before the highlighted paragraph. That is why highlighting your summary, which is the first part of your resume, is important. Once you grab the hiring manager’s attention through the summary, you can support it with your skills and experiences to keep him reading. Include your most outstanding values to put in the summary as your very first impression to provide to the hiring manager.
  2. Work with Keywords. Your resume might be scanned through a machine first before being read by the hiring manager. To be approved by the machine, you need to include some related keywords. Different positions use different keywords depending on the qualifications of each job. Find the keywords and include them in your resume will not be only useful for getting it approved by the scanning machine, but also by human reader because hiring managers tend to scan resumes to find the keywords they are looking for.
  3. Highlight Your Values. Everyone has some good points and values related with certain fields and positions. Depending on your experiences and education, you must have some qualifications and achievements that you are proud of. Don’t put your skills that can’t make you standout. Think about what you can do and the other candidates can. Your skills should be specific depending on the position and they should be outstanding. Pretend that you are a star in your resume and your values should be well highlighted in the right sections.
  4. Keep It Short. You might need to cover many things in your resume, but this is not a good reason to make it long. Two pages should be the maximum length for a resume. If you have just a few experiences, then one-page resume is a better option. By making it short the hiring manager will be more interesting in reading it.
  5. Use Number. Use number in your resume to state your achievements, awards or accomplishments. Show them how much money you have spent for helping your last company in certain projects or how many audiences that you have collected in special events you handled. Showing number will make you more convincing. The hiring manager can also measure how good you are if you tell him your experiences with number.
  6. Include Your Personalities. Sometimes you need to make your resume more personal especially if you have interesting experiences in volunteer works or other informal experiences. It would be better to add more values through personalities to make the hiring manager more interested in hiring you.

Understanding what should be included in a resume will be very helpful to get you called for an interview. Don’t waste your time and energy writing a resume that you don’t even know whether it would make you through or not. Stick with the purpose and get started.

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