Cover Letter Formatting Tips

Stacy February 11, 2020 Cover Letters

Making a cover letter is not easy because you always need to format it, in the end, to make sure that you have used the right words to encourage your future boss to hire you. Formatting a cover letter should be started by reading your cover letter right from the […]

How to Define Cover Letter

Stacy February 1, 2020 Cover Letters, How To

A cover letter is an important addition to your resume application because it can give you more chances to be hired in your future company. Writing a cover letter before sending your resume can help you encourage the manager about hiring you. It can be used as a tool to […]

How to Make an Immediate Resignation Letter

Stacy January 20, 2020 Resignation Letters

A resignation letter is normally sent two weeks before quitting job, but in some emergency cases, people don’t have the two weeks amount of time to resign for their jobs. It can be something related about their health, family or just something they cannot postpone to quit. If you are […]

Making a Good Resume: Things You Need to Exclude

Stacy January 13, 2020 Resume Letters

Making a good resume will increase your opportunities to be work in your dream company. However, people tend to make their resumed in the most common ways like the others do. They don’t make their resume more interesting or more genuine because there are standard formats that they follow. To […]

Cover Letter Writing Tips 2020

Stacy December 20, 2019 Cover Letters

Although some people think that cover letter is not necessary for applying a new job, this surely influences the decision made by your future employer because the cover letter explains your ability and skills, which will be highly considered by the employers before accepting new employees. So your chances to […]

Examples of Resignation Letters

Stacy December 14, 2019 Resignation Letters

Writing a good resignation letter is necessary to build a good relationship with the company where you work in the future. Who knows what will happen in the future. You should leave a good impression with a friendly resignation letter to stay in contact with the company as you work […]

Guidance Counselor Resume

Stacy April 17, 2019 Resume Letters

Guidance Counselor Resume – The smart seller will never let go of any chance of marketing, as usual, they will try to open a wide chance and bring more advantages for the company, and it’s the same thing as the job seeker, be more optimistic, open-minded and never give up. […]

How to write an Investor Proposal Template

Stacy February 11, 2019 How To, Proposal Template

How to write an Investor Proposal Template – Asking an investment for your business or project is challenging as you need to convince the investor that you are an excellent solution for certain problems for certain groups. So how you can make a winning proposal to encourage the investor in […]